Calling for Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls! (Orange Day)

Partners Against Trafficking Humans in NC

Are public spaces safe for women and girls where you live? What can be done to make them safer?  This Friday (October 25) is Orange Day, and the UNiTE Campaign is drawing attention to a problem that has persisted for too long, and has few laws or policies in place to address it – violence against women and girls in public spaces.

Sexual harassment and other forms of violence happen on the streets, in public transportation and parks, in and around schools or work places.  It is a daily reality for many women and girls around the world.   Countless incidents go unreported and unaddressed.

Launched in 2010 by UN Women, and building upon efforts undertaken by women’s rights organizations and local governments, the Safe Cities Global Initiative, involving over 15 cities, is working to make cities safer for women and girls.

You can visit Say NO – UNiTE’s

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Game designer ignores fan question on twitter to better wipe his own ass during lunchbreak

say what

Area Game News

How does it feel to be involved in an expanding and innovative industry?” TigerLady31 pitched to James Masters, of SuperMegaUltraHyper Games.

I read the tweet, but then felt I was done going.” James said Wednesday, “It was time to clean up.”

As James lifted one leg up on the counter to get in a better position, TigerLady31, whose real name is Sarah Jennings, bounced a baby on her leg while she stared at her phone.

“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to work in games, having played Zelda and Mario on the NES my Dad got us for Christmas one year. I drew a lot, making my own characters that I thought could go right alongside any of the Nintendo designs.”

Sarah wanted to go to art school until an unexpected teen pregnancy changed her directions.

“I had to work retail to…

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